The Poolees
Swim Safe Rules for Kids
(and Adults)!

The Poolees want you to enjoy swimming and to enjoy the Magic Maji Pool just like they do, so always follow the Swim Safe Rules at the pool or around any body of water! The Poolees want you to be happy AND safe when swimming and when visiting Spooshi Island. There are so many fun games and fun times at the pool, but never forget water can be dangerous.

  1. Learn how to swim ​before jumping into a pool or into any water!
  2. Always have adults with you at the pool to be safe (preferably a certified lifeguard)!
  3. Do NOT go near the water without learning to swim first and without adult supervision! You can't breathe under water!
  4. The ocean and rivers can have very strong currents, and pool filters can be dangerous. Always be careful.
  5. Do not push your friends into the pool. They may not be able to swim! It is NOT funny! It is a bad idea.
Pool Safety Pledge
Teach Kids to Swim