World of Spooshi

World of Splooshi

Po Poolee and Up Cat Poolee love pools and to island-spot. Island-spotting is the act of flying a seaplane over the ocean to look for islands with swimming pools.

One day Po and Up Cat flew under the Magic Biplane Bridge and found Spooshi Island. Sparkly, soft, warm spooshies were floating all over the place in the air. The magic hasn’t stopped since.

What is a spooshi?

A spooshi is an object floating in the sky on Spooshi Island. Some days the spooshies are white and sparkly almost like soft stars, but other days they are sticky and colorful or maybe cold and wet! No one knows what the spooshies might do from day to day.

Sometimes, problem spooshies make their way to Spooshi Island…oh no!!

World of Splooshi

Spooshi Island today

Spooshi Island needed a lot of work done to it. Po and Up Cat are part of The Poolee’s family, and they brought all of The Poolees to Spooshi Island to fix it up and live on it.

The Magic Maji Pool is on Spooshi Island. The pool gives The Poolees magic powers when they swim in it. They also fly under the Magic Biplane Bridge to find new adventure lands and new friends. They are always looking for lost Poolees to save and bring into The Poolees family.